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Discover 890 Red Light for drug-free pain relief and a diet like the slimming look in just days! 890 Red Light, a specific wavelength of near infra-red light has amazing health properties to help you. Learn more from a Santa Clarita CA chiropractor.

What is 890 Red Light in Santa Clarita CA?

Pain relief and slimming Diet-like results in just days! All-New Pain Relief and Body Contouring Using Red Ligh New LED technology work great. Helps the skin look and feel better. To find studies online, use the keyword NIRM, (Near Infra-Red Monochromatic) or 890.

Now that we know how this wavelength of red light stimulates Nitric Oxide production in our bodies and dozens of published studies support the use of 890 Red Light for:

  • Improving circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing inflammation and pain in muscles, joints, and nerves
  • A diet like slimming results in fat cells

Nonsurgical body sculpting just got better. Ready for a slimmer, tighter, younger better-looking belly?  Give us a call today for a Complimentary Consultation.


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