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At Santa Clarita Chiropractor, accelerated rehabilitation (XLR8D Rehab) can provide fast affordable step-by-step recovery care for most common injuries. Our Chiropractic team in Santa Clarita CA is here to help with your rehabilitation.

About our Rehab Services in Santa Clarita CA

Rather than just finding and isolating an injured tissue, a functional exam must measure posture, balance, gait, muscle control, and body stabilization. All are essential to functional rehabilitation which is missing from even the best pain management.

Finding the hidden effects of an injury that can lead to seemingly unrelated future medical costs and needless suffering. For example, in sacroiliac joint sprain-strain, the dysfunction might include increased abnormal stress spreading across the lower back, hip joints, and even down to the knee.

Therefore, functional assessment examines the entire kinetic chain (interrelated groups of connective tissue activated during a movement) to reveal malfunction instead of just never-ending pain management.

Our highly trained and experienced chiropractor specializes in evidence-based, patient-centered health care solutions. Providing rehabilitation counseling and other integrative health services such as functional medicine and health coaching.

Balance and posture rehabilitation improves the patient’s core stability, dynamic balance, flexibility, coordination, and motor control. Patients learn how to keep their bodies in proper alignment and posture during daily activities to reduce strain on the body.

Contact us today for help managing pain without opioid use, gaining balance, and getting access to posture rehabilitation to improve movement control, strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and posture. Learn how to optimize the body's ability to move efficiently and safely.


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