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When getting better matters more, too often medications, injections, and surgeries fail to provide lasting relief. So many people become skeptical that anything can help. Our Chiropractic team in Santa Clarita CA is here to help.

Neuropathy Relief in Santa Clarita CA

Several causes of neuropathy exist. But optimized healing strategies for nerve damage prove similar regardless of the cause. Most importantly, combining proven therapies provides more relief for more neuropathy patients nationwide than any single approach.

Significantly reducing inflammation while providing key repair nutrients lets "food be thy medicine", literally.

Near Infra-red
Specifically isolating the 890nm wavelength of red light, researchers discovered a way to stimulate Nitric Oxide production in the body. As a result, Nitric Oxide improves circulation to oxygen-starved skin and nerves.

Pulse EMF
PEMF research spans the past forty years and seems like science fiction.  With FDA Approval for many healing applications,
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field technology's results speak for themselves.

Get BetteRx
Japanese scientists discovered a way to turn the stress reaction in the brain into a healing response. Furthermore, they measured this metabolic shift in the brain with PET scans. More importantly, the study's results were reproduced several years later by different researchers, proving the initial findings.

Neuropathy DRx
Non-toxic, non-invasive therapies provide more effective neuropathy relief in hundreds of clinics throughout the country. And our Santa Clarita CA office leads the way in drug-free, nonsurgical options for relief.

Additionally, for a limited time, the first visit includes:
First, a consultation to understand your concerns and goals. Then an evaluation to determine the extent of nerve damage and... More importantly your best options for relief, this process takes more than one visit. A sample of our most effective neuropathy therapies to see how you respond. Only then can discuss your plan for relief and repair. Normally these services would cost you several hundred of dollars in most neuropathy "specialists" offices. But we offer this first step towards lasting relief for free, with no further obligation.


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