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Chiropractor Santa Clarita CA Thomas Polucki


Thomas Polucki D.C.

“While testing for medical school, I took five prescription medications, had three surgeries, and countless over the counters… But someone we (my medical family) didn’t even consider a real doctor put an end to all of my lifelong health conditions. So the less popular professional choice became clear.” 


With over 30 years of clinical excellence and one of twelve advanced chiropractic instructors in the world, Dr. Thomas Polucki taught at the university level for years before returning to private practice.

Now serving as Medical Director to over 300 Functional Medicine Practitioners in America, Dr. Polucki created the Get BetteRx brand of nutraceuticals.

Dr. Polucki lives with his beautiful wife and two Pomeranians in Santa Clarita (Los Angeles) California.

He also studies martial arts and music.

Chiropractic Santa Clarita CA Toni Polucki

Health and Beauty Specialist

Toni Polucki

“Functional Medicine gave me my life back when nothing else could. I love health and beauty and found a unique opportunity here to share my experience.”

Toni serves as our new patient advocate and health and beauty consultant.

This passionate UCLA graduate with over 40 years of experience specializing in the health and beauty services industry.

Toni also loves creating art, acting in film and television, and taking care of her three Pomeranians!

Chiropractic Santa Clarita CA Elena Friedman

Office Manager

Elena Friedman

“Stress used to cause severe headaches until a chiropractor helped me. Then, after managing chiropractic offices, for the past forty years, I also experienced how Functional Medicine helped my allergies, digestion, and hot flashes. Now I bring my children and grandchildren for holistic wellness.”

Elena has a bachelor’s degree in business management. She manages the office and serves as our insurance Ninja. If there’s any way to access an insurance benefit, she’ll find it.


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