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Recharge your life in Santa Clarita CA with Pulse EMF! Discover this unique, supervised cellular exercise. Until recently, using electricity to charge living cells seemed like science fiction.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Santa Clarita CA?

Even though we knew about the electrical nature of cells for some time, we had limited ways to improve cell health with electricity. Because most forms of electric energy damage cells and every cell has built-in resistors. But nano-pulse electromagnetic field technology found a safe way in.

Research keeps demonstrating the powerful health benefits of Pulse EMF. Since we are a health and wellness practice, we make no claims to treat any disease. Instead, we focus on improving function with diet, rest, exercise, stress management, and, when necessary, supplementation. And PEMF meets our criteria for cellular exercise nicely.

The Electromagnetic Field of Health

In 1972 Yale Professor Dr. Harold Saxon Burr published Blueprint for Immortality based on his electromagnetic health research. In fact, Dr. Burr found a way to describe and measure the electromagnetic property of health and disease. While electromagnetic fields can’t be seen, they can be measured. And he accurately measured disruptions in many health and disease processes.
Since then, developments in electromagnetic field pulse technology make it possible to influence the magnetic field and energize low-energy cells. Then in 1990, Dr. Panos Paapas developed PEMF technology. And his work focused on injury repair and disease treatment. Since then, PEMF technology users around the world confirm:
  • Pain relief
  • Immune stimulation
  • Performance enhancement
  • No Serious Side Effects
  • And the FDA approved PEMF for bone growth in fractures.
Additionally, health practitioners around the world publish a wide range of health benefits using PEMF for cellular exercise.

How does PEMF Work?

First Alternating Current (AC) transforms into Direct Current (DC). Then coiling up that energy to a very high voltage creates a magnetic field. When that field gets pulsed on and off in a billionth of a second, any biological cell in that field gets a recharge. And the extremely short duration of the pulse prevents damage to the cells. So a nanosecond of PEMF harmlessly penetrates cells to improve cellular function.
For example, muscle cells respond by contracting and relaxing because that is the function of muscle cells. And just like exercise when a cell gets coached on doing its job, it gets better. So we refer to our application of PEMF as cellular exercise. And while medical research facilities around the world study the effects of PEMF on various diseases, we focus on the health benefits of PEMF.
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