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Santa Clarita Chiropractor now offers body contouring services in Santa Clarita CA. Thanks to our team, reduce your fat for good with new technology that targets diet-resistant super fats. There is no downtime! Done in an hour! Works great and you'll see a new you in weeks! This non-surgical permanent fat reduction technology just got easier.

Non-surgical procedure in Santa Clarita CA

Ready to finally end the battle of the bulge? Stress causes “superfast” fat that won’t go away no matter what amount of diet and exercise. Until recently the only answer was surgery but now cold air provides a safe and effective option to say goodbye to muffin top, thigh, and back fat. That means no surgery or pointless diet and exercise torture to win the battle of the bulge. Body contouring made Lipo Free Ez.

And that really means getting your best-looking body. Harvard scientists discovered that fat cells can’t stand the cold. In fact, cold destroys fat cells instead of just emptying them like with diet and exercise. While an empty fat cell can fill back up as soon as more calories become available, once a fat cell is gone, it is gone for good!

Each session lasts about forty-five minutes. With no downtime, so you can do it during your lunch break Full results may take up to twelve weeks. Mild common side effects include temporary bruising and numbness.  Give us a call today for a Complimentary Consultation!


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